• sanskriti_shrivastava 30w

    Is He ashamed of Me ?

    Is he ashamed of me..
    The rain drops are never ashamed when they touch the ground..
    Sun is not ashamed when it brights hard..
    Is he ashamed of me..
    The dreams are not that big but still I only want Us ..
    Home is nearly for two of us but can't we manage.
    I m not that beautiful pretty & happening..
    Isn't this enough ?
    Yes He is ashamed of me..
    To introduce me with his friends & family..
    May be because I don't posses that attitude..
    I can only promise you that I'll change myself so that u cannot be ashamed of me anymore.but I can't promise u.. that rain drops won't come, the tycoon will also come, but If we both are together we will deal with it. ?
    Are You really ashamed of me ???