• surya_heatz 45w

    Her short lived flight.

    It' been years,
    since that Fire-tailed Myzornis,
    a wounded bird
    landed in my backyard.

    Me being so fond of this rare species,
    Was mesmerized, but been taken back in a split, when I took her into my hands.
    The left wing was ruptured enough
    Inflicting virulent pain.
    I can read her,
    She is puzzled about my intentions,
    But could barely react.

    A month later,
    She is in all her wings,
    Flying random patterns
    Through all the garden.

    We both sipped tea and had cookies
    My saucer found a new purpose,
    Both of us were so much into each other.
    I loved her company,
    especially the way she used to greet me
    afterall that day job rustles.

    Another month passed by
    She was healthier than ever.
    I was preparing myself to that day
    When she had to call off and leave this abode
    However, that day was never to come.
    For the rest of life,
    She decided to stay with me,
    She loved me.
    That decision felt like more of a remorse than surprise.

    I wanted her to fly,
    I wanted her to grow big & get into depths of life,
    Use her gifts and wings to the fullest.
    Find someone compatible enough for her, which she never did.
    Everything, I did, back then,
    felt like a mistake.

    May be , if it's not for me, she would have struggled and shaped her stronger self, or may be ....
    Few days back,
    She took a flight to an unknown world.
    I buried her under the alpines,
    her favourite.

    All the while, during her last phase,
    She regretted her decision.
    Neither I'm aware of the reason, nor she ever confessed.
    May be, I have a cold heart, or
    May be, I was being so, to let her go.