• the_audacious_quill_21 31w


    My tiny ears,first and foremost
    Heard the beats of your heart,
    Followed,it as my cue ever since
    Turns the rosary,a million times
    your eyes brimming with tears and heart with love,each breath I take is fruit of your prayers.
    Even a pillow,that has your smell
    is a bliss on doomsday.
    Brewed,me not in to a light blank coffee but into a strong one.
    Prompted,to try,not to give up;
    Melted,yourselves in kin of hardship,to make me a shining sword!
    No juggler,can surpass your way of balancing being
    a daughter,wife,in-law,mother
    and a teacher.
    Owe you the most beautiful woman in the world,all credits
    For making me who I'm today.