• asakanxa 10w

    Hey, man!

    He is strong, no?
    He gets hurt, but he can't cry.
    He gets depressed, but he can't say.
    He never bleeds or feels period pains,
    But he holds an ocean of sorrow in his veins.
    He handles his girlfriend's mood swings,
    He fulfills his wife's cravings.
    He sacrifices his passion, for his family
    He is forced to do everything we want him to do only.

    Hey man!
    You can cry. You can say.
    You don't have to hide your emotions.
    No problem if noone notices you,
    Your broken dreams, your dedications.
    They are so busy talking about feminism,
    They often forget you.
    The world is so fake,
    They can't see the real you.
    In the name of equality, hate they pour,
    You're not less man, and we're not more.
    In every battle of life, you've fought like a warrior,
    Not being a feminist, man I know you're superior.

    By Akankshya Mahapatra