• _king_ 31w

    I'm beginning a new series,
    "love is us" short poems and quotes,
    Just 10 or more episodes maybe..
    The narrative, is the idea of lovers adventure of simple things and how they mean alot in their practice, desires and cravings of past, present and future.. Inspired by @myra1111 , not basically making it a challenge, but if you love to key in feel free, tag me and hatch tag #love is us

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #love #emotional #happilyeverafter #pure #trust #truthfulness #surrender @writersnetwork @the_writer25 @alchemic_faerie @itsuncommonlycommon @lonerforever @saphaira @aquaponds @miss_cool @adshaya_mahendran

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    Love is us,
    you and me,
    screaming in chorus,
    of our favorite songs.