• aniquet 21w

    If it's song

    I bow my head
    Kneeling into your feet
    I'm scared and anxious
    I'm, was dreamer
    Seen my extinction
    Inside my vision

    Together we were rust
    Decaying each other
    In a name of love.
    I forced myself
    To leave alone
    But nothing feels right
    Erasing your fuck face
    Doesn't makes me stronger.

    I was right, i was okay
    If i blurt no,
    Quarrel begans.
    I find peace
    In a hunger state
    I feel bore when
    I ate your speech.

    Side by side
    I was watching myself
    There was I
    In my worst night
    There was you
    In my birthday surprise
    If it's song
    Atleast I'll like to hear it once
    Before I hung.. .