• sidneylynn0519 10w

    Closet Addict

    Amphetamine runs through my veins,
    Masking what's real it attacks the brain.
    My body is tired and my mind is weak,
    Wheels keep turning, I can not sleep.
    Nothing makes sense, going insane,
    How do I break loose from these chains?
    Wanting, craving a sober mind,
    In pursuit, what do I find?
    Another addiction, this one is low.
    It evens things out, take it slow.
    Now I have found a new drug of choice.
    6 bucks a pop, an opioid.
    Hydrocodone kidnapped me, I can't get free.
    It started at want, and now it's a need.
    I know I'm addicted but I don't want to stop.
    It stole my heart and busted the lock.
    Intense relaxation, shallow breaths.
    Warm fuzzy feeling inside of my chest.
    I fear for loss of this feeling I get.
    For when I come down, I know I'll be sick.
    I'd do almost anything just to get more.
    I need to get sober, but I also want more.
    It's no longer enough, so I pick up the phone,
    Who answered my call? Methadone.
    I suppose for now this will do.
    Addiction wins, again I lose.
    They keep getting stronger, the drugs that I take.
    'Tomorrow I'll stop', today it's too late.