• spanishguitar 10w

    me, myself and greed

    The night was so scary,and I too was so weary,down the dark path in a hurry,behind me a monster so hairy,Trashing everything without carering .I tried to plead I'm sorry,I got caught,brought close....oh no,my heart beat so loudly,the image in front of my eyes so haunting,My mouth became dry,my screams swallowed up by the monsters howls,I wanted to cry ask me why...its glowing red eyes staring deep into my soul...to the depths of my thoughts,I wanted money,cars,power,lustful women,fame,I wanted...i was filled with nothing but wants...I became emberrased,I felt mentally harassed,...my true self made me quite..thats not what I really loved,..my true self didn't care about money?....i just wanted to be part of a choir,or just stand on top of tower after a nice shower,say goodbye to the sun as it lowers...I drifted back to sanity,the only monster I could see was me,the monster of my greed...oh my...What I wanted was to want no more.....I wanted to be free from earthly tethers....F..re..è