• kwamena_wrighter 24w

    All It takes is just a look
    And the Wonderlands are at my doorstep
    All I can do is stare: speechlessly
    Cause that's all I can do
    Your smile glows and I could see the Heavens
    And if a genie gives me a million wishes,
    I'd spend them all looking at the world through you
    And save the last wish just to stay right were I am: Forever stuck in your gaze.
    So I'm not looking over fences trying to find a better view
    My search for all that ended when I first laid eyes on you
    And I know the grass will always be greener
    'Cause the sun shines when you smile
    And each time i look into your eyes,
    the world begins to makes sense
    On my side of the fence..┬ękwamena_wrighter