• elder2 6w

    Don't Shoot!, We are Harmless!

    Enough of this silence
    For it has become a Menance
    Enough of this waiting
    For it has become a weakness!

    We don't need God to fight for us
    We need God to join the fight!
    They were harmless
    Yet murdered carelessly

    Nigerians shall endure no more!
    This fight is now a MUST
    Either the world hears our cries
    Or the heavens hears our sorrows

    Enough is Enough
    We have had enough!!
    No more bad leaders
    We are not readers anymore

    Now we have become TEACHERS
    our aims even in death we shall achieve
    Our rights even in death we shall gain
    This country belongs to us
    We must never leave it for the foxes.

    To our fallen heroes
    The fight continues
    I urge to fight from the grave
    We shall fight till freedom or grave..


    © Elder Alita II