• lazy_racoon 5w

    What if

    Mom I'm scared.
    But you said;
    "I'll be there"
    But the voices inside my head says;
    "What if you're not there?"
    "What if you left me?''
    "What if I'm alone?"

    I cried again and again,
    Trying to convince myself,
    'Its not true'
    'Its not true'

    When you ask me,
    Why do I cry.
    And I says;
    I smile,
    Clearly its fake.

    You don't know that,
    I'm dying inside to tell you.
    That I hate myself.
    That I can't love myself.
    That I need you to love me,mom.
    Cause' when I'm all alone,
    These negative thought keeps,
    Pushing me out of my sanity!

    I cried so hard,
    Until there's no more tears left to shed.
    Cause' my mind keeps repeating,
    The same words over and over;
    'What if?'
    'What if?'
    'What if?'
    'What if?'
    'What if?'