• rose3meralds 21w


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    Lo Siento

    Waves go through me
    Again and again
    I’m a storm on the beach
    I wish this life were sweet as a peach.

    I’m stuck on the beach
    My feet sinking in the sand
    Nothing to hold onto
    Nobody’s hand.

    It’s raining
    It’s thundering
    I’m alone.

    I’m keeping in a lot of this, it’s just funny how people act now,
    I realize nothing will change that.

    I do me all day, is that a threat to you?
    And to be honest I don’t think I’m better than you, but you won’t see me regretting skipping hanging around these basics that ain’t on shit.

    Sorry if my winning irks you,
    But I repent my sins,
    I get that karma!
    Spirit is in rhythm,
    and miss those I adore so dearly.

    It’s funny how they act now.
    Some I really miss,
    Let the hopelessness in me fall off a cliff,
    I can’t keep looking at this.