• pankaj10k 6w

    In the winter nights as the mercury plummets
    He is the one still preventing the covet
    An altitude of 5400m and -57 degree Celsius
    With his assualt rifle ,he feels more wealthiest
    In a harsh condition of hypoxia, he doesn't care for alzimer
    "A life less ordinary " is just a primer
    In a condition of snow blindness he still keeps a close view,
    Sighting the enemy, he silently cocks the rifle and preview,
    Taking them down ,the crossfiring starts
    Killing them all ,he suffers from six bullet shorts
    Still persisting to save his mother land
    Falling on knees,holding the tricolour in his hand
    He says Hai meri zameen afsos nahi
    Jo tere liye sau dard sahe,
    Mefoos rahe teri aan sadaa,
    Chahe jaan meri ye rahe na rahe,