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    She met someone after a long while who made her feel she is his wine. He made her feel as she was whole he was the one with that pure soul. He made her eyes fill with light just the way day compliments the night. She was never perfect but he made her feel so his absence made her lost though! The bond they had was extra special.She realized meeting him that may be two brokens can be beautiful together but she never knew what could make him burst in anger. She loved to hear his every word. He made her felt she is his complete earth. His tiny eyes, his rosy cheeks made her feel complete within..But some happiness never lasts long.. A simple misunderstanding took that bond. May be today her tears were not able to teach his eyes. May be today the distance was long so he didn't felt her arms longing for. May be his eyes were not able today to find hers. May be her forgetfulness had made a home in his heart so he's not able to realize that she is missing his eyes. The tiny eyes who used to made her feel comfort, that beautiful smile who made her feel loved, that comfy arms who used to tell her that girl u are perfect.. That lips who told her that u are all mine.
    May be someday I can get u back. The way u told me that I don't lack.. May be we will be under the same roof some day.. may be u will be back again telling me that come from window or don't be awake so long. I miss you, I miss me, I miss us... May be someday I will be again your favourite wine to hold on. May be I will be again that sunshine to complete you. .Come back soon because I know the sky can't stay alone without the moon... Come back and hold me tight and tell me that u are at my side .I don't know why this is troubling me seems like someone close is going away .Seems like I can't breathe again ..Seems like I lost again to destiny.. U always said me that destiny.. See it won... You are there still I can't find you. Come back soon #missing #jackandrose #comebacksoon

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