• his_soul 23w

    Addiction i vow
    Beyond just love
    Can't be penned
    Destined to the end
    Everlasting affection
    Flattering attraction
    Glimpse of your sight
    Heaven every night
    Immense love so true
    Journey gets sweet with you
    Kisses piercing all strife
    Love of my life
    Musing gets deeper
    Nights become longer
    Obsessed cuz you're mine
    Perfection you define
    Quintessence of love art
    Ripping me apart
    Sweetest is he
    Together we're meant to be
    Unbreakable bond ever
    Vow to be in love forever
    Wandering heart
    Xtremely fond of your loving art
    You and only you
    Zeal for our love that's beyond just true..