• genevievemei 10w

    There she sat quietly,
    Under the shade of a big tree.
    Cool, and comfortable, herself,
    While she watched others enjoy themselves.

    On her right hand, her trusted pen,
    Through scribbles and scribbles it has been.
    And there, she sat quietly,
    Thinking of a story to start writing.

    In her mind, thoughts confused,
    A jumbled mess, ideas roaring.
    Even with many fruits beared,
    She was unable to choose the right one.

    Sighing, her face uncertain,
    The pen she held, twirling it about.
    Her eyes, staring at it,
    But her expression was dull.

    Suddenly, a sound jolted her,
    The sound of waves crashing.
    Her friends yelling and having fun,
    In her eyes, she saw something better.

    "That morning, the waves crashed violently,"
    And her eyes glimmered with hope.
    But deep within, something dark had shone,
    And she smiled to herself, a story to behold.


    "She found inspiration, but something she wrote was off."

    15th November, 2019

    #beach #writing #waves #fridayfun #pod

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