• arjuns_pinnacles 4w

    You are Programmer and I am your Software

    I don't want to think anything
    I don't want to meditate in morning
    As my thoughts are not mine
    Earlier only my heart now it's my mind
    You have taken all from me but left only me behind
    Whether I am awake or in deep sleep
    Whether I look at someone's face or dreaming of driving a jeep
    Neither my eyes see that face nor my heart feels a beat
    and ohh my mind who still sees you with me in that jeep
    I know how to flirt with others but it is u who always remain with me as my wife
    I know how to live but it is u who gives the reason of my life
    I know how to smile but it is u who gives my sadness a reason to run away
    I know how to build house but it is ur presence who makes it a home for stay
    Now this rhyme has a perfect story to prove here
    that if you are a Programmer then I am your software