• havencala 5w


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    A Gentle Breeze

    The gentle breeze caressed me
    By the fermenting years
    A ageless barrier no more
    It was settled forth
    Like the trickle of water
    Dripping down a tree

    The leaves sway with a breeze
    Capturing the lucid silence
    The luminous glow of the moon
    Shattered by the bright stars
    Dimmed by the darkness of the sky

    A peaceful essence fell
    Filling my lungs like air
    The corners of my hazel depths
    Pricked with crystallized tears
    A single droplet fell
    Touching the surface of the earth

    The sound of cries
    Filled my deafening ears
    The silence weighing down no more
    Helpless and in need
    A brief sensation
    Crept over my spine

    A luxurious dance of mystery
    The sky filled with clouds
    Rapidly crackling with lightning
    Crashing with rumbling thunder
    Aura of colours filled the void
    The violent sight before my eyes
    Filled with dark colours of violet

    A sharp contrast came between
    Not a single being can understand
    Of what I mean
    Or who I seek
    The gods have played tricks on me

    A veil has lifted
    No longer locked in place
    The trees stop swaying
    Caressing the sound of silence
    A single trickle of blood
    Leaving the crevest of my being
    Falling to the ground
    Sinking and becoming part of the Earth

    For I withstand,
    Between the skies & ground
    The gentle breeze caressed me
    A radiant glow defined
    The shining stars appeared,
    To be fading
    The brilliant sound of birds chirping
    Came to be,
    The sight before my eyes renewed,
    The birds dipped their wings
    In the lucid drift of a breeze
    The passage set for them

    A surge of envy came
    Settling like a crackle of fireworks
    I lay watching & waiting
    The brewing adrenaline
    Surfaced like a flame of fire
    The flow of electricity
    Seeped into my bones

    I watched the land from afar
    The realization dawned on me
    Like the ever glow of the morning sun
    What I have seen,
    Was the freedom of nature
    It caressed me
    Like the sapling of a tree
    My essence became part of the world
    No longer locked
    A lucid silence fell
    I was finally free