• morrie 4w

    My City

    The bleakness of night still remained the same here
    The silent alleys still had the traces of my lonely stray
    The trash can I was dumped into still stinks worse than the local gutter
    The friends I had are now dragging on a new bummer
    It looks the same
    And it smells the same
    Yet it reeked like rust at that time
    The time when I had the urge to jump out of here, everyday
    To go somewhere and make a name
    It doesn’t matter if I failed or passed
    What mattered was a new shining spot
    The dreams were there in my pocket
    Wrestling to come on the stage
    I struggled to hold them inside me everyday
    In the end, I went on
    I passed on the long desperation to some other guy in the neighbourhood
    I felt like a fish streaming for the first in a wide ocean
    Even though there were sharks lingering in the water
    I still waded in it anyway
    Ready to embrace my end at any time
    I pawned my soul for the pitiful success I had there
    Now I look at this still dirty yet beautiful city
    It hits me like a shot
    The shot of nostalgia had my nose sour like it’s a chilly day
    With a absentminded mind, I search around here for a kid
    Who might just be like me
    Sitting near a window with impatience in his eyes
    And waiting to fly away from his own nest