• kellylee 6w

    Bipolar One

    Bi-polar 1 -
    K. Hanna

    Darkness surrounds my soul.
    It's bending. It's breaking.
    And taking its toll.

    Times is moving so slow.
    The earth has been shaking.
    It threatens to swallow.
    I'm losing my breath.

    There's this awakening.
    And also this death.
    I feel forsaken
    There isn't much left.

    There is remorse.
    It drips with despair.
    With crippling force,
    It forces me to tear.

    It ran its course.
    And left nothing to spare.
    Nothing but ashes.
    It speeds then it crashes.
    And life's not fair.

    Destiny slashes,
    Clear through the air.
    It carves its mark.

    And I am aware.
    My vision is stark,
    But it is unfair.
    It gathers and grips.

    It grinds and it grasps.
    I lose and I slip
    It smiles. It laughs.

    It uses its teeth.
    Rips me into halves.
    I need some relief.
    And I need it fast.

    Split into pieces,
    I reach for a rope.
    My grip releases,
    And I lose my hope