• evollyfe 6w

    Matter of fact

    I’ll be a better man than the man before me
    Is matter of fact I’ll be unique
    A rare unknown breed
    I’m not going to I say .. I will try my best
    I’m not going to egg that sentence on into another argument to make you feel better... Better confused in the heart
    Matter of fact I don’t make promises i don’t keep.
    Action speaks better than false advertising
    Promise is not in my vocabulary
    Vows is my grammar of speech
    Your eyes is taking every word I’m saying.
    And your soul is taking heed
    But your mind is thinking I’m bluffing
    But before you speak what’s on your mind.
    I say this to you...
    Listen.. Listen closely
    My heart speaks facts not a opinions my mind..
    To be honest I never love before ...
    Never love a soulmate before..
    But somehow your spirit and my spirit can both love and enjoy..
    But you got to let me in
    In to your door that which is lock..
    That is protected ..
    And I truly is matter of fact . I to have a door that which is lock..
    Protected . Of what ..
    while I softly whisper in your ear.
    Of a broken-heart ..
    But let’s take a risk ... A risk to understand... All I want you to know
    I’ll be a better man than the man before me..
    Hopefully your mind don’t riddles childish games.. I truly hope you understand