• rachelezell26 5w

    No Winners Here


    I told myself I wouldn't dwell on the past,
    but oh fucking well,
    The past is over, the present is hell,
    It has left me nothing but an empty shell.

    Telling me to move on,
    Well that's just swell,
    I tried moving on,
    But instead I just fell.

    Starting things over,
    That ship has sailed,
    Starting new things,
    I've tried and I've failed.

    Pick yourself up,
    Dust yourself off,
    Keep a firm upper lip,
    Never let it go soft.

    Don't you know I've tried,
    All of these different slogans,
    Shit, you couldn't cross a puddle,
    for all the water their holdin'.

    Hell, maybe it is just me,
    I'm feeling lost at sea,
    tried to buy a brand new life,
    But got fucked by the hidden fees.

    You go and make a friend,
    Supposed to be till the end,
    but along with that friend,
    came their baggage and their sins.

    You go and join a team,
    loyalty and unity is what it should mean,
    but of course it's never what it seems,
    they devour your life and pick the bones clean.

    Hang with your family
    get involved with charity,
    start a new career,
    These things should give you clarity.

    But life just keeps on fucking me,
    it's like it's almost daring me,
    I had hope before I started,
    Now the odds are really scaring me.

    No matter what I choose,
    It seems I'm set to lose,
    Been in the game for years now,
    Still I'm paying dues.

    I'm getting tired and burnt out,
    Got a real short fuse,
    I'm bout ready to hang it up,
    I'm running out of juice.

    No matter how hard I work,
    I only get more used,
    I feel jipped and ripped off,
    Like my generosity is abused.

    I got up and went at it,
    Putting on my work shoes,
    Kept on grinding like an addict,
    now I think I'll hit snooze.

    Not supposed to be a quitter
    But what else can I choose?
    Seems stupid to keep on playing,
    a game you always lose.

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell
    © Raerebel26