• _iseul 6w

    That worst nightmare which I cannot erase from my memory.
    How she was raped and murdered inside a pure place . Even after that evil act... they calls the women too impure to enter inside the temple during her period.
    We are blessed by nature... We are blessed to bleed and blessed with a boon to breed.
    Don't you dare call us impure.

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    Tell me who is impure

    Temples filled with smoke and Chandan is what is smells like.
    Festive season happy feast; blessings and boon is what the world wish to seek.
    Ma Durga, Ma Bhawani -they calls to the women of society ..Then why don't you treat us equally?

    Celebration when I bled first to judgemental sight ...when it leaked first ;this is what I got.
    Keeping me out on puja worshipping Ma Durga ; I call it act of insanity.
    Adulteration in Panch-amrit ,snake covered in Chandan ;
    scream of little durga breaks my dream.

    From "All hail Ma Durga! " to
    "Save me from this hell Ma !"
    Showed the curtained side of society.
    Heap of money and power of evil wiped the blood of virgin Devi;
    Again I smell Chandan.. that might be a trap so be careful lady.

    Rise as Kali; Rise as "Adhi -Shakti."
    You must know who is real and
    who is an evil... in the name of Bhakti.