• herthoughtz 5w


    On 9/11 @ 11:11 I gave birth to you
    My beautiful beauty of a boy mommy loves you. I fell in love with your eyes
    Your smile your ears your nose
    I cant get over how I love your stinky toes
    I see you grow in front my eyes
    Seeing you makes me wanna cry
    The struggle has been real and it will pay off soon. 9/11 @ 11:11 in the delivery room. I thought this whole time id be alone until I pushed and There was my new king coming from the throne of my womb. Selah my baby relax in the innocence of the night for when tomorrow comes there will be a new battle to fight. With who with what how come, because life says so but we will Square off our shoulders and take it head on day by day....ready, set, go