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    School life

    High school has always been that infamous place,
    The walls of which witnessed the birth of numerous memories.
    Where the innocence of childhood transformed into menace.
    Where improper uniform , long nails, unoiled hair meant long scoldings and standing with head hung in shames.

    Where class tests and semesters were attempted with a spirit so fair.
    That sign language and washroom meetings became a part of life.

    Where friend's 'break up' gave rise to philosophical discussion.
    But'checking out' new people remained an automatic reflex throughout.

    Where obsession with crushes and accidental infatuation.
    Were chapters that never required to be taught.

    While bunking successfully without being the class teacher's prey.
    Was an act of heroism , in which not everyone could join.

    Where the bold "maintain silence" of library walls,
    Never had a meaning for the incorrigible gossips.
    Where the fate of circulars was to be crushed into paper balls,
    Or aeroplanes that never landed safely after any of its trips.

    Where recesses meant wild animals jumping on each other for a share,
    Though most of the tiffin boxes had already emptied during the classes.

    Birthdays meant getting beaten up after canteen treats that left with no more to spare,
    More like being the bait of the day,
    For the entertainment of the masses.

    Apart from calling up each other for notes at the last moment,
    And staying up the last night in vain go prepare,
    " I'll study from tomorrow" remained the constant refrain of lament.

    But the tomorrow was never kind enough to appear ,
    What appeared instead is the time to bid adieu ,
    To the journey whose end marks the beginning of real life.



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    School life...

    A place where class test and semesters were attempted with a spirit so fair,
    That sign language and washroom meetings became a part of life.

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