• poetrydelivery 36w


    I imagen how they made you®G.

    What to say. To such a cute face, what part of

    your soul do i kiss. That if you leave” at least like a thief”

    ill feel like I kept something.

    But who made fine out of shine”.. tell me” ,

    who are those two’ that on a night like this”

    Set there eyes”

    on each other”

       and fullfied’

    miracle love on one another”.

    i know you don't want

    that thought in your head

    but i want to know”

    i want to see”

    who like wolf and moon”

    bit and licked and grooved like moon

    and grind like wolf.

    And in heart of pack created such a perfect taste on you.  

    i hope you know

    that your breath took my options”

    your walk took my choices

    your voice is all my noice”

    and yours eyes “with your thighs”

    took the rest of me by surprise.

    Damn girl why you look at me like that.

    If you ain't going to let me have that.

         ...let you have what hubby

                    i let you have my heart

                           This baby” it's been yours!

             dam…” I mean sweet loving”

    all this is mine.”..!

    eveYyyy... sin...gle....peace...of disss........... .daddYyyyu..!