• lanzhan 22w

    The pen of love shows how scars are beautiful in the end..

    The Cloud Recesses would be always be the same
    Where I've found my heart
    Where it teaches me how to live in despair but still holding on
    Where my Jingshi was the only witnessed in all of my tears
    Where all my sorrow echoed in the air by Inquiry
    Where I realized I loved the most beautiful scenery that I'd lost for sixteen years
    How my life drifted in the air and emptied back to sleep
    How all my whips reminded me all of you
    You're my Fire that couldn't let go
    My heart and soul never gave up and always hoping one day my Phoenix will be back
    To sit by side and smile at me with all stars in the sky
    The moonlight that I've always gazed at night
    Crying my longing and shone back to me with sadness
    My Bichen that misses Chenqing
    The lips that I once kissed
    The long black hair that swayed in the air
    All of you was beautiful to hold on

    The Gusu will be your home soon
    My Jingshi will be yours too
    Our song will be wandered everywhere
    I will hug you tight and wrap in my arms
    You're my love that I couldn't forget
    The strong feeling that even Hades couldn't stop it
    We will meet soon my Phoenix