• _the_mourning_sage_ 9w

    Little Man

    Even as on that hilltop he stood,
    Brows furrowed as he continued to brood,
    Of if his loss had been worth,
    The filling up of life's gifted dearth.

    By well meaning strangers he often got asked,
    As unwillingly in their pity he basked,
    Of if he wished to be able to attend school,
    So society wouldn't take him for a fool.

    Listening to those educated fools,
    He would smile and nod, thinking of school,
    Where thanks to him now, his sister went,
    Even as he toiled and payed all rent.

    His goals may have come faster still,
    If he too could go to school at will,
    But books wouldn't have filled his belly,
    While they heard empty promises from the telly.

    Yes, he would have preferred an easier life,
    Maybe one which wasn't so full of strife,
    But all too well did know the little man,
    That wish and want seldom went by plan.