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    What’s your?
    Sun sign?
    Rising sign?
    Moon sign?

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    Introvert, how do you come out and speak to the world as if you were talking to yourself? Sometimes, I think my mind is my playground. I love myself because of my introspective, the way I go in and give a clear perspective. All of my decisions throughout my life have come from a clear conscience, being able to sort through negativity in order to overcome KARMA. Karma appears when you haven’t had the means to go within, but if I go within I’m not competing with sin due to the fact that my power is so electrifying. And yet, outside of me, it’s too easy to get distracted. Controversy surrounding me and the thought of you telling me lies keeps me in hiding. My Goddess ways are too high up for you to touch- that’s why I stay on the on the inside because it’s just me and me.
    In Introversion I Trust.