• between_souls_ 10w

    Dragged in the emptiness of his world,
    I knew as much as him
    That nothing was gonna turn well,
    But still,
    We couldn't resist, I couldn't resist.
    I wanted him as much as he wanted me,
    I caved his name on my heart..
    I chose to bled for him, while he chose someone over me.
    I loved him but he didn't, not the way I loved him.
    He traded my soul, owned my body.
    I sucked my veins,took the stars and gave them to him,
    He drained me and then left me for the wolves.
    The more I loved him, the more he used me.
    I thought that was how love worked.
    And then one day,

    I woke up beside empty sheets,
    Drenched pillows and silence.
    He was gone.
    My mind was okay, but my heart?
    No, my soul is still crying for him.
    I didn't regret loving him way more than he loved me.
    Because I knew from the start.
    My body belonged to him, so did my soul.

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    He was a memory I yearned for,
    Yet so hurtful