• widdy_12 5w

    Trust have fade ��
    You deliver me in the hands of an enemy.
    You mislead me into believing am safe with you.
    You are the real green snake in the green grass.
    You led me astray,
    You prove faithless,
    Making me to violate in trust.
    You are such a treacherous person.
    I believe every word you say.
    Now, this is the result of my trust in you.
    You should have tell me what have done to you.
    Instead you beguile me into telling you my secrets,
    And you exposed me.
    Everywhere is blocked,
    No where to escape.
    I regretted ever trusting you.
    Now am left alone in the world of my enemies ��.
    Oh thy savior,
    Come to my aid

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