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    One second alive,
    A steaming cup of tea
    In front of my eyes.
    I sat around my friends,
    Talking, laughing, sharing,
    Stewing our intellects.
    Much like the tea leaves,
    Engulfed by simmering water.

    One second awed,
    A bang, a scream and a crash.
    Blood and tea on the floor.
    More explosions in my ear,
    Bullets blaring and men roaring,
    An ode to Death and Fear.
    And like tea leaves in water,
    I shrank - aghast and pale.

    One second suffering,
    A hellish eternity perceived,
    Pain and boiling tea seared my being.
    Never knew when I hit the ground,
    Only fear permeated my soul,
    Bodies strewn all around.
    Like tea leaves reddening water,
    Blood reddened the floor.

    One second dead,
    A blackness coating my senses,
    Heart and teapot alike - they bled.
    Death for a sip of tea. Why?
    My mind grasped for comprehension,
    And lips parted with a cry.
    The flame flickered and went out,
    Blood and tea on the floor.


    I don't know what made me write this. Was just reminded of the 26/11 attacks - maybe I got emotional? Anyway, just a rendition. And my prayers and condolences to all those affected.
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    Tea on the Floor