• ashutosh_sahu 6w

    Loving The Sun

    loving someone like you felt as if
    I had stolen the sun away from the sky
    cut out my own chest into a gaping hole
    then taken my bruised heart out from it
    to hang the burning sun in it's place
    I thought it would drive all the sad away
    I won't lie because it did exactly that
    made me feel so alive as if
    I carried all the light in the world
    made me feel so beautiful as if
    even if all the world turned bleak
    only my light would shine through
    made me feel so special as if
    my existence was the only thing
    making all the life around me possible
    made me so blind in love that
    I completely forgot, when this sun
    I have given up my own heart for
    leaves and goes back to sky it came from
    all the burns, scars and most importantly
    all the light of love it shall leave here
    with me might never go away
    just like all the love I still
    carry for you inside my heart
    after everything.