• priyanka_writes 31w

    Don't quite

    Whenever we do something, we do it because we want to achieve something great in our life.
    We know things take time, you can't achieve everything in one night but surely you will achieve.
    You won't achieve everything in one flinch,
    You'll come across many hurdles and you will feel weak but you can't stop, you have to push yourself
    More than you can, and more than you will ever.
    Take steps more than yesterday and you'll achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life, just don't quite at that moment.
    Think before quiting, what did you started this journey?
    And you'll find your all answers to it.
    May be you'll feel alone at some moment, but that's okay! you'll fine believe me.
    When you'll achieve what you want to achieve.
    Keep faith in no one, but in yourself.
    And that moment you'll prove yourself that you were Right.