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    A Letter to a NewBorn

    You who lies,
    Deep within my void.
    Shall not be distinguished,
    By Race, Caste or Creed.

    You who sees not,
    Yet to watch the scenes,
    Unfolding into the thick layers
    Of deception and lies.

    You who feels not,
    Of sorrow and of woe,
    Let you sense the tears
    Of joy and of love.

    Eyes never shed
    Of tears of pain.
    Mouth never screamed,
    In agony or vain.

    Ears never heard
    Of curses or names.
    Tongue never spoke
    Of fame or blames.

    Body never felt
    Any scar or abuse.
    Heart never sensed,
    A break or a bruise.

    A soul unveiled
    From its mother's womb,
    Awaiting its moment
    To bloom.