• words_of_sayani 6w

    He whispers in my ear to keep quiet as he squeezes tighter. One by one he unbuttons the front of my dress and unhooks my bra. He starts to lick as hard as possible. I couldn't take it and start moaning. Then he continues to undo the rest of my buttons until it falls open. I feel his hands grab each side of my thong and he pulls hard enough and rips them apart. His right hand slid down my body. He rubs his fingers around my lips and feels how wet I am for him. Takes a moment and tastes his fingers and winks before putting his hand where it was. This time he rubs harder. I feel his fingers go in gently.
    Deeper. Slow. Deeper. Circular motion. In and out. His left hand caresses my chest while his mouth devours my lips...