• words_of_brigit 9w

    Wild Coyote

    Of me you appraise
    Deeds you applaud
    And names you use, like adorable.

    My presence bearable, now that is arguable.
    Perhaps boresome;
    Or a cold-blooded savage.

    I am not gentle, I am carefree.
    Benevolent and considerate? Dear, I am without compassionate.

    This notion of me, how was it conceived?
    Collapse what you have conclude;
    Commence with what is true:

    Clawlike, a feline,
    'neath moonlight, by fireside,
    Beat the drum and sing your demise.

    Elusive, now is your chance to abdicate;
    From my domain evacuate,
    Of your choice evaluate

    Fanglike, a canine;
    Fearsome, no more than folklore,
    A folktale used, no more to spook, to scare.

    Of me, go on and say:
    Heritage shackles:
    Immature, indocile.
    Insensitive, inhumane.
    ... Lonesome.

    ... Why do you wish to know me?
    A wild coyote.