• veloc1ty_ 6w

    Nights heal?

    I've yet to witness those nights which hold peace in
    their arms. So far, there's just a hell lot of loneliness
    placed everywhere between the hours of them. The
    nights of mine have always been conspiring against
    my peace of mind. They've been strangling me,
    leaving me alone to question my own existence.

    12AM tried its best to separate me from that
    one friend who was listening to my sobbing
    rants, who was keeping me from falling apart.
    It stranded me, left me at the doorstep of 1AM.

    1AM introduced me to a friend of his own,
    named anxiety, who manipulated me into
    going into a whirlwind of dark thoughts.

    2AM invited me to his place with a whiskey in
    his hand. Shared his pack of cigarettes with me
    to keep me from going back sober again. The
    pain that stuck to me never left but it all just
    seemed like I was hallucinating sitting there.

    3AM begged me to go to sleep, saying I won't
    be able to meet her better half 3PM, if I kept on
    repeating this. She was that part of night which
    wasn't cruel to me, taking my side, but in a male
    dominated society, all her efforts were in vain.

    4AM brought in light into my dark room, made my
    pupils shrink so I couldn't see all the things they
    were doing to me. They all parched my fragile soul,
    stumped on it and stained it in the name of healing.