• joseywhales78 5w

    listen to the shit i'll make you a list gives a fuck about how we play play real fucking shit from r

    eager to ski skirts don't you understand how we play get the fuck naked if this NWA gangster gangster on the top of the list motherfucker goes a little bit something like this get the fuck up out of dirty bitch punk bitch you ain't even worth fucking dick fuck you trick give a fuck how you fucking feel on the real you just disgusted sex appeal ain't even fucking playing don't you understand i ain't even saying mother fucking drama i ain't playing give a fuck about mother fuckers don't you know i'm saying real fucking shit nigger i ain't even playing this is real mother fucking talk bitch you be barking when i make your ass walk click clack those motherfucking heels fishnet stockings with skirts fishnet stockings with a mini skirt gives a fuck how you feel bitch put in work i treat you like a mother fucking feeling with a jerk gives a fuck don't you know i would get that work get get get that work get the fuck how you feel nigga i ain't no jerk gives a fuck mother fucker make my money quick bitch don't you want to send you only silly pussy and clit bitch beard drinking beer drinking breath sneak and sniffing glue gives a fuck about your ass about you fucking new this is real fucking talk bitch will you through motherfucking tires trifling times gives a fuck about your ass one time don't you want to say a bitch these are rhymes mother fuckers over here acting like they shy mother fucking like the fucking son son get the fuck up out your ass when you going to learn this is how we working this is real fucking shit fucking walk the bitch you ain't worth shit