• dandelions 5w

    It rained in your city yesterday.
    Did you enjoy the droplets of
    cold water kissing your skin or
    did you sit by the closed window
    waiting for the winds to pass and
    the petrichor to subside while you
    digged into the pages of your new novel?

    When the skies express their love,
    the earth patiently listens.
    The petals of tulips bloom in silence
    as the earth slowly reciprocates.
    Seasonal or unseasonal, their love never leaves.
    It always returns year after year.
    Would you be envious if it stayed longer than your's ?

    Poets have their ways of hiding their real selves,
    in each verse and in each word, they try to hide themselves or find each other. You seem to stay in the reminiscence of memories. The more you try to hide yourself, the more realistic you become. Are you better in those illusions ?

    Those dark clouds slowly seem to disappear
    making way for the hues of blue, red and yellow mixed with a tinge of violet and green. For the world it felt like a rainbow. For you it seemed like an incomplete palate of colours, waiting for the indigo and orange to touch your red eyes, wiping away their sleeplessness that keeps you awake at night.
    Would you still fall for the memories the empty mugs of coffee carry ?

    It's time to open up the windows now and let the cold winds touch your warm soul. You have waited for too long, it's time to change like those seasons and let go.


    Ps. An ode to you, seasonal love -The rains

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