• ishujain 6w

    ITS TIME!!

    So , here i begin
    Its time to change my living
    Its time to follow my dreams,doesn't matter if it requires passing thorugh all the streams
    Its time to hear my inner screams , requesting me to go after my dreams

    But wait , what about the question always in my mind -will I ever be able to shine?
    Oh fuck that! it's time to keep the question aside

    Its time for me to recite
    Its time for me to decide ,
    that one day I'll surely be flying like a kite
    I know that won't be easy
    I'll have to walk alone in the crowd
    but this is the time when I need to make myself proud

    I know there'll people to pull me down
    And I don't wish to walk on a red carpet wearing a beautiful gown
    What I really wish is to answer those people who were always pulling me down

    Its time to catch every light beam
    Because its time to follow my dream!!