• marshal_pencils 10w

    Coz She's NSBS First Lady.

    This date,a gem was given birth to. A pier of governorship and sovereignty.
    This date, she got into life's golden race and races.
    She's unique, splendid, intelligent and possesses efficient leadership skills.
    'That she's beautiful' seems like tautology with reference to this efficacious lady.
    For she is what I can refer to as Supreme Queen Beauty.
    Drawing the chains of her beauty, I would say our VP's twinnie is really pretty.
    Though I don't know much about her, her eyes radiate gaudily.
    Our Vice President, NSBS First Lady.
    The skies and clouds can testify to this.
    Even the sands and stones of Biochemistry.
    That she's a lady mustering the Elders of excellence in academics.
    And a Queen marshalling all Guards of Royalty.
    NSBS First Lady... Officially a Chief in NSBS Presidency.
    Happy Birthday Vice President.I wish you both long LifeandProsperity Twins.