• sp_writes 30w

    Tiredness of all the lives i wanted to
    Live and all the lives I couldn't
    All the screams I didn't scream
    And all the pain I couldn't show
    Tiredness of all the deaths i had to bear
    All the ghosts of those dead I had to carry
    All the bones, tattered flesh I had to hold
    And the weight of them all I had to enjoy
    Tiredness of all the love I couldn't give out
    Tiredness of all the works I couldn't publish
    And the heftiest bags of all those
    I didn't forgive,
    I carry in my bones a tiredness of a lifetime
    That has descended upon me tonight
    No wonder, my bones break at a mere touch
    No wonder, my heart is heavy,
    Marinated in blood, of the unspoken
    No wonder, this tiredness
    Will take my life away, one day at a time