• conversations_of_the_heart 5w

    Sacrifices for love

    The things I did for love
    Still shocks me how
    I swam deep into the ocean
    When I'm afraid to even swim

    The things I did for love
    They exceed things I did
    To show myself love
    How could I give out love so much
    Just to be left with none to love myself

    How much love I gave?
    How much love I received?
    How much love I deserved?
    How much love I need now!

    To sacrifice myself for another
    I did that
    To sacrifice my energy
    Just to light up a dark room
    I did that

    The things I did for love
    Exceed the things I did for myself
    The time I gave up
    Nobody will return
    The smile I gave away,
    now I reclaim it
    Now, on my own

    The things I did for love costed me time
    And the things I did to complete others, I now need for my completion.