• ipsrahul 23w


    Today was one thing happened with me,
    In my class of spoken there was an teacher, who was teaching us a Intermediate level,
    So actually that teacher always show to us,
    He is very good person and living only to help, others but today he had made a mistake,
    While was he teaching us that time we were, doing a assignment of english conversation,
    And he was told me to perform the, conversation between auto wala and, passenger i was done that but after that sir,
    Was said one thing about auto wala and about how they work and we should need to gave more money to them for his family cause they are poor then he said when we go in subway,or in kfc that we pay the more money and didn't bargain for it on that the one girl said sir it is other thing when we go in any official store where the prices are default but while we were going in auto that was a another thing don't compare both,after this sir had changed the topic and started to talk on farmer an we no need to buy food or other thing from mall we must buy it from Farmer directly and the end of it sir turn on the girl and said her i will slap you if thing bad about Farmer but i thing she nothing thing or say anything about Farmer she just said about auto wala kfc, but sir not think about directly told her i will slap you and throw you out of window if you think bad about Farmer and you tell me i he correct about she i mean if girl did any mistek so please tell her in rest not in public like this behavior