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    The Job

    It was like any day to start. A little girl is sitting on a train next to a man in black. "What do you do mister?" Asks the little girl next to him. The man looks down at her. Taking off his glasses with a faint smile, he says, "I make bad people go away."

    With that answer she immediately thought he was a cop or someone with high authority. She thought to herself and gave the man in black an answer. Her eyes giving a shimmer upon looking up at him. "Can you make my daddy go away?" she asks.

    He didn't reply but he knew what those words meant. Even so he still asked "Why?" Especially when it came from the mouth a child. As she explained her situation and the things she hears when she is playing alone in her room. The whimpers of pain her mother lets out while her father beats her. She explained with a sad voice and worry, the times her mother would yell to her to lock the door and hide in the closet.

    He gave a faint smile while getting off at his destination. As he stood there for a moment and gave a quick wave to the little girl. He managed to keep his anger concealed. At the end of his ride he managed to obtain the little girl's father's name.

    He knew what he had to do. He knew he had a job to do. This time he would profit nothing from it. No money. No deals. Nothing. Just knowing that he was gonna do this for an innocent little girl. He wanted to let her live a life without pain and trauma for as long as she could. He was gonna do this for the little girl who is too young to be filled with that kind of pain.

    It was time to make him disappear. Make his existence never to be witnessed again. He hated people like him. Hated the ones who abused there role as a human being. He was disgusted at the fact of the little girl's father dared to breathe in her presence. He dared to exist in her life. Hated the fact that she has to be a bare witness to his disgusting behaviours. He said to himself "He is a sad excuse of human being."

    While a few days were passing by he managed to make himself a profile for this man. Managed to note down when and where he goes regularly each and everyday. What time he went to work. The days he got off. If he took the bus or not. He observed him outside the home watching this man's each and every move.

    Once the moment came the man in black was in place. He set up his cordinations from a distance building. Set up his CZ-750 sniper and began his hunt. The time came to make his filthy existence disappear for good.

    As the man in black waited patiently within the mist. Waiting with such profound calmness. Knowing he became one with the darkness around him. As he saw the father leave the bar all drunk and barely maintaining his balance. The man in black put his finger on the trigger and gave a devilish grin, without a second to waste he took his shot without hesitation. No sound coming from the sniper because of the silencer that was put on it. His target was dead and mission was complete.

    Few days later he watched from a distance as the cops were taking reports and doing their jobs. As the family and friends were giving there condolences and watching them cry for a man who was abusive. Even so, He waited for the little girl to come to his view.

    He gave a faint smile as he was able see her looking straight at him. She didn't run toward him or tell anyone else who he was or he even existed or where he was standing at the moment. All she did knowing the truth now was give him a smile back and a silent thank you.

    - Yanira (Tokyo)