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    When I can have a lack of wisdom, warfare and handicrafts..
    Or beauty, love, pleasure and passion made me a victim of thoughts..
    Am I a victim?
    What is wisdom?
    I'm thinking...

    Are you thinking and
    Are you thinking ?
    Are you still thinking?
    Why are you just thinking?

    Are you still thinking about the same thing?

    Are thinking too much?

    Are you thinking ?

    Who are you?

    Are you thinking?

    Are you still thinking?

    Have you fulfilled your dreams before your dreams?

    Are you thinking about your lines?

    Who are you?

    Are you still thinking?

    This is too much bro..

    Is the time also still and thinking?
    Like you..

    Are you there?

    I mean there with you...

    Are you still thinking?

    No, I didn't mean any question..

    It's just..
    Do you think questions or answers?
    Or just dilemmas..
    Or everything..

    Do you really think or are you just obsessed?

    Are you thinking?

    Who ?



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    An idle mind is devil's workshop!