• thelostsoul_writes 14w

    Reverberating You.

    The sound of your voice
    All the words you said
    All of your touch
    And everything you were
    I feel close to me still
    It is in my heart
    I feel you closer to me
    Than you ever were
    Even in your absence
    I hear the rhyme of your heart
    And you are not here
    I know you never were,
    I feel the touch of your lips,
    Piercing the deepest core of my heart
    Are your thoughts,
    The winds reminds me of you
    Whispering in my ears
    I feel that warmth of your breath
    I hear it all
    The music of your love
    And the sound of your voice
    In my heart,
    That same rhythm
    Every time my heart beats
    It plays that love
    Time and again,
    I hear you in my head
    Again and again,
    Like you are still with me
    On my side
    The day you were,
    I still stand there
    Under the same sky
    And still it rains