• pierian_spring 5w

    Maybe there was something in that drink that day
    I have been more drunk before and still been conscious
    I have mixed drinks and still remembered everything
    I have never blacked out like that before
    When those flashes revisit, my eyes turn into faulty taps, leaking endlessly
    The first flashback is of your tongue cutting through my throat, I fear that tastes like mud blood, I feel marks around my wrists deepening
    The second flashback is of me saying no and still being held down tightly, your body against mine feels heavier than the burden of my life, your intrusion into me is so gravitational that I have started to hate the science of attraction altogether
    The third flashback is of you pushing my nearly dead corpse to its grave, sometimes being good has a recoil effect and sometimes trusting can be a collapse having a domino effect
    I always knew it came with a cost, I never knew the cost was this much