• monika1 6w

    Starts with an imaginary thought
    That comes out
    From their deep mind
    And sharpens
    Our inner believe
    That noted down
    Low and high notes
    Of indifferent thoughts
    Act as thoughtful quotes
    Instances of forgotton past
    With glimpses of recent present
    For the re-creation of future aspect
    By optimistic bubble
    Of jotted down the points on paper
    Set up new goal
    Blend of all
    Depicts the story of come on
    In every struggle move on
    As life always go on
    Be the real storyteller
    Justified it's worth from every corner
    At last as a tortoise
    Let your hardwork make noise
    Reach the destined place
    By your hardcore efforts and God's grace.

    Thank you.

    #high #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #odetopoetc @writersbay

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    'Life always go on'

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